Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Principles of Molecular Biology

What kind of stuff would you study if you decided that after your high school you are going to apply for studies in Biology or Organic Chemistry that also include Molecular Biology and would look at one of the Colleges and Universities in the San Fransisco Bay Area?

Well, if you were accepted as a student and if your teacher happens to be Bob Bruner here is an outline of the kind of materials for your first year of introductory classes that would teach you principles of Molecular Biology:

Bob is also providing frequently updated information to his classes and prospective students in

All these pages seem to be rich in content and provide a valuable collection of sources from basic stuff to plenty of references to current literature and to Internet  resources.

Materials here are from my course, Principles of Molecular Biology, Fall 2001. I have only slightly updated these materials since that semester; I have tried to keep Internet links and references to basic books in the field current. Much of the information on core molecular biology remains sound, and many of these materials should still be useful to students taking basic molecular biology courses.
Bob Bruner

Please, note that these are purely academic pages and the author has nothing whatsoever to do with my blogs. This is just a reference to one of the many available Web resources and a useful index created by an expert in the field, Bob Bruner, that can be very helpful for those seriously interested in the scientific field of Moleculary Biology.

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