Friday, June 14, 2013

Proud owner of MICROS Pink MC50 LED

The local distributor of medical and laboratory equipment recommended to me for generic use the low- powered MICROS Pink MC50 LED made in Austria. He told me about its high quality optics and comfortable viewing with the binocular head. Also he explained that the mechanical stage under the double layer specimen stage is quite durable comparing to other microscopes in this price range that often quickly become loose when used by students in schools. The fine calibration of the stage movements and focus control is simply wonderful.

After several months of using this microscope I greatly enjoy the comfort of even prolonged viewing through widefield eyepieces. No more squeezing of eyes, constant looking for correct head position and distance from the eyepieces nor tears from tired eyes! The view this microscope gives is really great and has almost stereo quality.

I have found that the limited magnifying range of MICROS Pink MC50 is perfect for my purposes
  1. ACHRO 4/0.10 W.D. 18,5mm
  2. ACHRO 10/0.25 W.D. 7.0 mm
  3. ACHRO 40/0.65, spring loaded W.D. 0,53mm
  4. ACHRO 100/1.25, Oil, spring loaded W.D. 0,13mm

Equipped with this easy to use but clearly high quality generic microscope, Petri dishes and nutritional agar, inoculation loops, microscope slides and thin cover slides I am now a beginner microbiologist with so much to learn.

Every time I look at something organic through this fine microscope I cannot but praise our Lord the Creator for the amazing order, structure, design and wisdom visible everywhere!

But there is so much to learn...

Aquatic plant leaf under the low power objective
Image Mr. Mumaw's  Biology

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